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Insert, Link and Merge:Reorder or rearrange parts with an improved user interface. You can specify whether parts are displayed in the main part area or in the parts folder, whether they are automatically adjusted to fit a selected component, and whether their reference axis is updated to match a new component.Create and publish to the cloud. Now you can use a single mouse click to publish drawings to a cloud-based design management solution, saving you time on publishing and generating workflows.Manage 3D Objects in 2D Space:You can now insert objects in 2D space using a 3D perspective camera view. The camera view remains in 2D space, and you can move the camera or rotate it to view the object. In addition, you can specify the camera position and view settings from the Insert 3D Camera dialog box.Maintain and Fix Complex Paths and Curves:Add, edit, and change path properties in a two-dimensional edit mode to preserve relationships between vertices. AutoCAD now remembers the last-used settings, making it easier to maintain complex paths, such as reentrant, meandering, or helical paths. With the Edit Path in Two Dimensions dialog box, you can add, edit, and change path properties.Curve Tool:AutoCAD now automatically selects curves based on the input path, rather than having to draw the curve first. In addition, you can also select curves with the curve selection tool by clicking on points that form a closed curve. You can apply additional 2D drawing options to the selected curves in the options for the Curve selection tool.New features for 2D editing:With the new 2D-edit features, you can edit path properties directly, such as selecting multiple splines for a Bezier curve, applying new path settings, and adding Bezier handles. You can also edit path properties in the 2D editing view and return to the standard view to complete your edits.Import and Export:Automatically convert certain SVG and DXF files into DWG files when you import them. You can now import directly from the file formats in the Microsoft Office Online website, making it easier to create files using those formats.Plot:With more precision in 2D and 3D, you can specify higher-resolution fonts and plots and a new plotting-driven palette. The palette 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [32|64bit]

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