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GSF. Add-On for GSF-12500/07. A new AERMOD radiation model for simulating nuclear explosion. U.S. Department of. Following previous work, we investigate how these structures might be related to deviations from the standard theories of galaxy formation and evolution. As in our previous work, we allow for any galaxy to be represented by a merger tree (or ensemble of merger trees) which produces the current galaxy according to a specified model. The model includes dark matter only, a cold dark matter component as well as a non-standard dark energy component. In this paper, we add a new component to the cold dark matter theory, a so called warm dark matter component. This type of dark matter has the right kinematics to facilitate formation of the observed structures. Hence, the merger tree model can be used to model the formation of the structures within the universe. This study aims to investigate how the observed structures are related to the physics of the galactic model, i.e. how the standard cold dark matter is modified. We performed high-resolution N-body simulations of haloes of different masses, extracted from a recent hydrodynamic cosmological simulation. Our goal is to investigate how the physics of the halo environment and halo formation influence the appearance of the substructure. We found that a significant fraction of the substructure is created during accretion. As a result, the progenitor substructure in a newly accreted halo appears to be significantly less massive than the progenitor substructure in a halo that was assembled earlier. This effect is strong for substructure with masses below 1 per cent of the parent halo mass. This work is motivated by some recent observations of the Abell 2034 cluster of galaxies, which suggests a bimodal substructure. We studied the dynamical evolution of a galaxy cluster with a bimodal substructure, extracted from a cosmological N-body simulation, and also included a tidal field. We found that the mass distribution of the cluster bimodal substructure does not evolve strongly during the cluster's lifetime, which gives a natural explanation for the fact that the number of substructures with the mass of a few per cent of the cluster is much smaller than the predicted number from the subhalo mass function and the merger rate. The cluster substructure mass is also much smaller than the mass of the cluster core. In addition, we found that the fraction of the cluster core




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